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"As Executive Secretary to the region's CEO organization for the last 11 years, and as one whose family has very deep roots in the St. Louis community, I am writing to acknowledge David Z. Levin's extraordinary accomplishments in St. Louis over the past 24 months. Our region is undergoing a civic transformation. Key organizations are experiencing "rebirths" and then going on to find new ways of cooperating with each other. The public and private sectors are working together more effectively than they have in decades (or maybe ever!). Traditional barriers of geography, governmental jurisdictions and social standing are falling away. It is no exaggeration to say that much of this dramatic change is due to David's unrelenting strategic efforts. He has been an important agent for new linkages and new understandings. My own relationship with David has left an indelible impression on me, as well. He has helped me to understand that using "informal" systems can be much more effective than working through traditional formal systems, however necessary the latter may be. It has been a remarkable experience and real pleasure to work with David, and I want others to know how much I personally appreciate what he has done for St. Louis."

Alfred H. Kerth
Founder and President, The Eads Center

"I have had the privilege of working with David for almost 20 years. He is a man of integrity in the deepest sense of the term, and he has been simply invaluable to me professionally and personally. With David by my side I have successfully navigated through many challenging career stages. He has been an indispensable support resource for my successfully transitioning from being a Chief Financial Officer to the role of Chief Operating Officer to the position of President and now currently to being the Chief Executive Officer of a leading Wealth Management Firm. David’s partnering has been just masterful.”

Stephen E. Prostano
Chief Executive Officer, Silver Bridge Advisors

"I have had the pleasure to work with David for the past four years, having been introduced to him by the CEO of my company who was one of David’s long-term clients. I observed as a result of their working together that my CEO had increased ease and a more centered approach to leading the company. In fact meeting and working with David turned out to be a timely and wonderful growth opportunity for me as well, as he has helped me to develop numerous areas that have favorably influenced both my work and my personal life. I found that by implementing the insights and techniques that David shared with me, my ability to lead and to develop individuals in my organization improved greatly. David has also helped me to develop my sense of compassion more fully, enabling me to better appreciate other individuals’ motives and/or perspectives. These results have enabled me to approach challenges with an increased sense of ease and confidence and to be considerably more productive. My experience with David has definitely helped me to become a better leader. This actually was the product of understanding life issues that were far more fundamental, which has led me to a more fulfilling personal life and to realize the importance of helping others. Not only did David help me to put these critical insights into action, I have also developed a friendship with him that I will always treasure."

Bradley J. Maroni, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Akebia Therapeutics

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