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David Levin is one of the most perceptive, bright, committed, honest, caring and intelligent individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to know. This man is not an ordinary human being. He is a unique, dynamic leader, and his integrity is quickly perceived by all those who work with him. If you have a complex challenge requiring a man of vision, then David is the right person to help you.

E. Desmond Lee Philanthropist
Ranked Among The 100 Leading U.S. Philanthropists

Our work supports a singular purpose:

To empower leaders to realize sublimely efficacious outcomes
by honoring the timeless presence of radiant wisdom mind

  • Transformative Leadership Development and Counsel

    The nature of this offering is educative, from the Latin root "e ducere" meaning "to lead out from within." What is "within" us are powerful inborn capacities: wisdom, insight, discernment, liveliness, love, generosity, compassion, quiet peacefulness… All of these capacities are attributes and qualities of powerful wisdom mind, an abiding inner force that is every human's indestructible birthright.

    We show leaders how to “draw out from within” the power of this innate intelligence to strengthen their leadership confidence and effectiveness. Leaders come to realize increasingly fresh solutions, sharpened results, pervasive ease, harmonious relationships, tangible benefit for others, and clear recognition of their own basic goodness and inherent generosity.

    Inborn universal wisdom mind is always available and present. When its endless availability is honored, the experience of its day-to-day power increases, as do the benefits it delivers. To support leaders in applying their innate intelligence, we include ongoing strategic counsel that further refines their exemplification of leadership excellence.

  • Leadership Training Intensives

    Through these intensives, leaders come to realize that an alert, awake and wise openness is present in them all the time. This direct experience markedly increases both leadership and personal effectiveness, gifts of the consummate ease and power conferred by always-abiding inborn universal intelligence.

    To refresh prior leadership trainings, or to jump-start new ones, our intensives are currently offered with three transformative themes:

    1. Leading from the Authority of Humility
    2. Being Easeful is Easy
    3. Every Moment is Bright and Clear

    Intensives are one to four weeks in length. Two, three or four 90-minute meetings per week. Homework assignments between meetings. Individuals or groups. Select a theme or co-create a customized motif.

  • Restoration of Clear, Calm Focus in Leaders Facing Unexpected Pressure

    Unanticipated stresses can sometimes trigger a temporary loss of one's equanimity. To empower leaders to recapture their always-available relaxed presence, we engage longstanding wisdom mind practices contemporized for today’s world that reset short-term issues as well as impart an abiding capacity for longer­-term well­-being.

What We Do
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  • Team Building, Vision Creating and Enlivening Corporate Culture

    How to increase an enterprise’s results is every leader's continuous inquiry. When leaders include skillful attention to leveraging the “soft stuff” of human social connection, they observe that morale, team cohesion, and vibrant work atmosphere increase notably, propelling their teams into powerfully heightened outcomes. Their teams grow to express and embody a fresh dedication, so they also become warmly inclusive of everyone involved in their work.

  • Civic Community Building and Energizing of Social Networks

    The embracing power of a community environment has great effect on its enterprises and residents. Enriching a region’s culture and improving its social and economic outcomes are pivotal contributions leveraged by community leaders’ sincerity of dedication. We empower community leaders to recognize the wisdom and goodness of their selfless contributions and to take generous, beneficial and bold action as agents of widespread benefit for all.

  • Counsel and Trainings to Both Private and Public Sector Leaders

    Having worked across both public and private sectors on three continents, we have seen that regardless of geography, organizational or institutional or for-profit or not-for-profit structures, leaders in all venues greatly benefit from the qualities of an open heart and mind, and the ability to lead by example. These are natural leadership outcomes from our Transformative Leadership Development and Counsel offering.

  • Acknowledgement

    With great gratitude we pay homage to our brilliant teacher ‘Od Kyi Lus Rinpoche, founder of the Balanced View sector of the Nyingma lineage.

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for the benefit of all