Why Leaders Can Lead
David has been enormously helpful to me as "my coach." His strategic insights have consistently been right on the mark and have unquestionably boosted my effectiveness as a leader. I thank him for his unique gifts.

Clarence Harmon
City of St. Louis

ONE. Leaders have the remarkable opportunity to shape the scope and impact of their legacy. This happens not through words but through action, through their choosing and then demonstrating what they stand for in their leadership practice.

Their choice of what to emphasize ranges from small to large contributions, from focus on benefiting themselves to attention toward serving others.

While this choice seems like a simple outcome of one’s personal values, it actually is the result of a much deeper factor: We orient our lives according to what we perceive to be the True Nature of Reality. This is our “Ontology,” our profoundly potent inner view of What Is or of What Exists that for most of us goes largely unnoticed.

In today’s world, the dominant view of Reality seems to emerge from the following two beliefs:

Most of us believe that in our essence we are an individual physical self, operating within a human social system of other individual physical selves. Because of this predominant focus on an independent self, we arrange our lives to assure that we realize our foremost goals, which are something like “Achieve Results” and “Be Accepted by Others.” Attaining these goals is crucial for justifying the worthiness of an independent entity, so we are forced into an assiduous attention sometimes verging on an obsession. The accompanying second belief is that the real world is composed primarily of tangible phenomenal appearances.

We see in these two bedrock beliefs the combination of narrow focus and materialism giving birth to an ontology that has been popular for some thousands of years. This is not by any means the only ontology that has been embraced by various human societies, but it is probably the ontology with the largest market share historically, clearly so in today’s world.

Especially in contrast with other ontologies that confer a more nuanced gaze, this tenet of mind, also known as the fallacy of misplaced concreteness, can be seen as taking us astray.

How? First, it marginalizes our ability to experience the truth of who we are, which includes the inner depths of our nature.

Second, we find ourselves gradually falling into the “attraction to distraction” that results from surface-level fixed reference points, such as descriptions, labels, intellectualized thoughts, analyses and concepts.

The results? Our comparative inattention to intangible factors diminishes our benefiting from the powerful world of subtle forces. And our primary attention to reified appearances closes down our connection with the deeper resources of our being.

These are significant losses for us humans.

When we do however find ourselves in the presence of leaders who honor their inner depth, we are inspired. Their transmission of pervasive calmness is instantly recognizable and unmistakable in its potent effect on us.

TWO. Great leaders are agents for a force larger than themselves. Since they align with vast mind that surpasses the limitations of conceptual functioning, their outcomes are long-lived and large in scope, and they create enduring benefit to many. Self-focused leaders on the other hand are actors whose busy days are filled with effort based in the ingrained fixations of conceptual mind. Regardless of significant intellect or passion, their outcomes are comparatively short-lived and small in scale.

True Command’s leadership development protocols travel a different path from mainstream offerings. We assist leaders to:

  • gain freedom from the widespread indoctrination of self-focus in today’s world;
  • awaken to the source of powerful inborn abilities that lie unused within them; and
  • access their built-in capacity and dedication to benefit others.

These revered processes have for centuries formed the treasured teachings of the human wisdom traditions. Our offerings contemporize those practices for effectiveness in today’s world.

THREE. Most of us are not fully aware of our profound inherent capacities. Accordingly when leaders freshly learn how to recognize and mobilize these abilities and their underlying power source, they are catapulted into a new realm, one of continuously achieving unexpectedly huge marketplace results, with ease and precision, and with newly vibrant benefit to others.

This seems at first like a sudden entrance into an unreal new world. But then, remarkably, we gradually realize that this is in fact the world that we have always lived in and is the true reality of all of our lives. Somehow, incredibly, we simply didn’t notice its presence before. This is a stunning, life-altering discovery.

FOUR. The powerful innate source that leaders learn to engage is known as universal intelligence or open intelligence. It is the always-present wakefulness of mind that spontaneously confers endless benefit. Every wisdom tradition in human history recognizes the primacy of this capacity, as does almost every religion or spiritual group, regardless of their culture or location. It is widely referred to even in today’s largely materialistic world with such examples as “The Force” in 1977 Star Wars’ theme line, “may the Force be with you,” or “The Zone” for athletes or performing artists. Because open intelligence is the birthright of every human being, all that is needed to experience its vast power is simply to know how to recognize and then access it.

The universal intelligence that leaders come to recognize emanates such precious inborn capabilities as:

  • wisdom, discernment, insight;
  • steadfast dedication and efficacy;
  • loving-kindness, compassion, generosity;
  • clarity of focus, ease;
  • a continuous mien of spaciousness; and more.

While these descriptions of potency are quite compelling, the much greater direct experience of open intelligence delivers a huge presence of empowerment. Showing leaders how to experience first-hand the shining vastness of awake mind is therefore our initial training step. This is a big educative jump, from the small space of conceptual, intellectual and analytic reifications into the limitless bright presence of spontaneously wakeful mind.

FIVE. Again and again we have observed that when leaders start to honor the innate wisdom power of their open intelligence, they become able to accomplish almost anything. And when their huge inborn capacities are under-utilized or not recognized, virtually everything is tinged with difficulty.

Therefore please ask yourself the following question:

Is the timeless presence of radiant wisdom mind wakefully functioning in you, or is it dormant in you?

The answer to this question provides a clear picture of how you as a leader are currently utilizing or not utilizing your most powerful capabilities. It also conveys an invitation to consider a new path of leadership filled with a very different energy and intention.

Surface-level conditioning factors in the form of fixed reference points have been a major indoctrinating force for many hundreds of years. But we have in today’s world unmistakably rediscovered the profound presence of depth, thereby reclaiming our freedom from mind-hardening reifications. We are now empowered as leaders to reaffirm our indivisibility with the unending openness of universal intelligence. Its electric and alive spontaneity that shines forth the reality of all and everything becomes the abiding tonality of our life.

Open intelligence's timeless presence of radiant wisdom mind rests patiently, spaciously and lovingly, with complete ease and grace, to welcome us gently and assuredly into its pristinely pure space of exalted expression. We rekindle our true wakeful essence as humans.

This is why leaders can lead.

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for the benefit of all