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"When David tells me something, I have learned to listen very carefully. He has told me many things over the years which have all turned out to be true, and he has given me guidance on leadership issues that I could not have received elsewhere."

James W. Zeigon
Bankers Trust Company Division of Deutsche Bank

"David’s profound ability to empower others is second to none in my experience. He knows how to inspire people to engage their own native intelligence. Clearly David has made a pivotal difference in my life.”

Stuart C. Lord
Naropa University

"I can assure you that David's approach is unique. You will not go down the ordinary consultant path with David and just look at strengths and weaknesses, but you will successfully address those deeply held fears that limit you, and you will learn how to gain freedom from leadership issues that bind you in place."

Cindy Augustine
New York Times Broadcast Group

"David has this uncanny combination of intuitive sense and real ability to see the big picture. He has been a huge help to me as a leader."

Richard C.D. Fleming
President and CEO,
St. Louis Chamber of Commerce

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